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Iraqi religious leaders marked the start of an effort to restore the iconic al-Nuri mosque in a ceremony yesterday in Mosul, another sign of the city's recovery after years of Islamic State occupation and months of fighting that flattened entire city blocks.

Abdulateef al-Humayim, president of the Sunni Endowment in Iraq, which maintains Sunni mosques and shrines, led the proceedings on Sunday. With dignitaries from the European Union and the United Nations in attendance, al-Humayim set the first stone in place for the foundation of the mosque.

The Affordable Care Act faces a new legal challenge after a federal judge in Texas ruled the law unconstitutional on Friday. The decision risks throwing the nation's health care system into turmoil should it be upheld on appeal. But little will be different in the meantime.

"Nothing changes for now," says Julie Rovner, chief Washington correspondent of Kaiser Health News.

Dr. Edward O'Bryan
Bobbi Conner/MUSC

This week Bobbi Conner talks with Dr. Edward O’Bryan about electronic visits (E-visits) and virtual urgent care as a way for patients to have telemedicine appointments with providers for certain common illnesses. Dr. O’Bryan is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Division Chief of Global Health and Telemedicine at MUSC.

A caterpillar for a Tersa Sphinx moth.
PiccoloNamek, via Wikimedia Commons

Some listeners find a caterpillar at the Riverbanks Botanical Garden in Columbia that looks out of place.

South Carolina From A to Z
SC Public Radio

"C" is for Conservative Party. The term “Conservative Party” has a distinct meaning in southern history in general and in South Carolina history in particular. It refers to the organization that led to the overthrow of Republican Reconstruction and dominated southern politics until the agrarian revolt of the 1890s. In South Carolina it began specifically with the election of Confederate hero Wade Hampton III as governor in 1876 and ending with the election of Benjamin R. Tillman in 1890. South Carolina Conservatives saw themselves as redeeming their state from alien forces.

Hello Gardeners, I’m Amanda McNulty with Clemson Extension and Making It Grow. While filming at Historic Columbia recently, I learned that it wasn’t until the 1850’s that British and American Christians began seriously decorating their homes for Christmas. Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, brought his Germanic holiday traditions to England. Along with decorating a tree came the custom of hanging mistletoe over a doorway.

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John Warner
Concepts to Companies

A weekly update of the entrepreneurial activity in South Carolina.

Mike Switzer interviews John Warner, co-founder of Accessible Diagnostics and the Swampfox Facebook page, based in Greenville, S.C.


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Yemen is still at war. As the UN brings warring parties together, the country remains in crisis.

Yemen produces little of its own food and fuel, so Yemenis rely on imports to survive. After four years of war, famine has taken hold in parts of the country.

China's growth slowdown is more than what meets the eye

Dec 14, 2018

We got some data out of China today that showed slowing growth in retail sales and factory output at three-year lows. Add to that some meh car sales and weak consumer sentiment. In short, economic growth is the world’s second largest economy is continuing to slow. Some of which is predictable, expected even, as the Chinese economy matures. Some of it less so.

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Instead of traditional Christmas gifts, Riley Adams said he and his wife have decided to travel to San Francisco. The two will stay at the luxury Fairmont Hotel and see the two-story gingerbread house it builds annually.

"I think both of us just couldn't really think of anything that would make us any happier by buying a physical gift," Adams said.

Adams is a 29-year-old investment adviser whose choice of holiday gifts perfectly illustrates a trend in retail that analysts say persuaded the owner of Louis Vuitton to spend billions on offering experiences rather than goods.

In a strong job market, some fed up workers are "ghosting" their employers

Dec 14, 2018

For years, workers have grudgingly accepted not hearing back from potential employers after applying or even interviewing for jobs. But with a stronger job market and record low unemployment rates, the tables have turned. Reports of workers "ghosting" their employers — leaving without a word — are so high that the Federal Reserve took note of it in its Beige Book.

Last week, Sara Mardini, known as one of the Syrian refugee sister “hero swimmers” for her rescue efforts on a migrant boat in 2015, was released on bail after being imprisoned on the outskirts of Athens, Greece, for 106 days.


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