"L" is for Lyles, Bissett, Carlisle & Wolff

Jan 23, 2018

Credit SC Public Radio

"L" is for Lyles, Bissett, Carlisle & Wolff. Founded in 1946 by William Gordon Lyles and known widely as LBC&W, the firm developed into the premier architectural, engineering and planning concern in South Carolina and the Southeast by the 1950s and remained so well into the 1970s. The other principals of the firm were Thomas J. Bissett, William A. Carlisle, and Louis M. Wolff—all Clemson architectural graduates and World War II veterans. During its early years LBC&W designed and built more than 500,000 housing units, including high-rise apartment buildings in Atlanta, Charleston, and Columbia. At its peak in the 1960s, LBC&W employed more than 350 architects, engineers, planners and support staff in states across the Southeast. Lyles, Bissett, Carlisle & Wolff received honors from all quarters for design excellence, community service, and professionalism.