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Food Safety 1

This week we’re going to talk about food safety, and a good place to start this conversation is to debunk some myths about food safety.  Myth number one: you don’t really need a food thermometer; you can tell by look and smell whether your food is properly cooked. The truth is that the only way to tell if your food, especially meat, has reached a safe internal temperature is by using a food thermometer.  It may look well cooked on the outside, but there may be cold, raw spots inside.  Myth Number two: I can’t refreeze food once it has thawed; it either has to be cooked or thrown away.  The truth is that if you thaw raw foods in your refrigerator it can be safely refrozen for later use.  The key here is that you should never let raw foods sit on the kitchen counter to thaw.  Foods thawed in the microwave or in cool water should be cooked immediately.