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Wildfire Season

The danger of forest fire in South Carolina is highest in the last winter and early spring because most vegetation is dead of dormant.  Forest fires don’t start as easily or spread as quickly through green vegetation. This means that you should be particularly careful this time of year when burning yard debris and be on the lookout for wildfires in your area.  Think before you burn.  Is there a better way to get rid of yard debris or trash?  Are the items you plan to burn recyclable, or in any other way reusable?  Understand the laws about burning.  If your fire escapes, you will be fined and if it damages property, you will be liable.  You should notify the South Carolina Forestry Commission before you burn.  And respect the weather!  Check your local forecast and make sure the state is not currently operating under a burning ban.  Be safe and never leave a fire unattended.