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Admiralty Arch To Host London's Most Expensive Apartment


If money's no object for you, you might be interested in a London apartment that's getting a lot of attention even before it's built. You'd have to be a particular sort of buyer, one who likes older buildings and one who doesn't mind the sounds of the occasional parade.


The place in question will have 12 bedrooms and 12 baths. But its chief selling point is, you know, location, location, location.

CORNISH: It will be inside the Admiralty Arch, a building commissioned a hundred years ago to honor Queen Victoria. You might have seen it on TV during royal weddings or other state events. Processions on their way to Buckingham Palace travel right underneath its three arches.

MCEVERS: All that is why London property specialist Tim Macpherson says it's estimated to be London's most expensive flat at roughly $200 million.

TIM MACPHERSON: Its rarity value. You know, I have a client who looks for trophy apartments. And there are these unique buyers that sort of collect properties the way that, you know, lots of people collect art.

MCEVERS: Admiralty Arch has been the home or workplace of admirals, Winston Churchill and a young intelligence officer Ian Fleming, who went on to create James Bond. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.