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Plastic Trash Can Liners


Small steps really can help where living sustainably is concerned, but as you grow accustomed to new eco-friendly habits, do you continue to think of ways to improve?  If you have a lot of food waste, then think about ways to use food scraps or start a compost pile.  But even if you can avoid food waste and you recycle avidly, there will still be waste.  So what alternatives are there to plastic trash can liners

There are some brands making biodegradable or food based trash bags- but even creating corn based plastic is energy intensive.  Paper bags are a good thought, but in a landfill, even paper doesn’t biodegrade well, and again, making paper bags is energy intensive.  Think about trying no trash can liner at all- this will require some forethought to keep things clean and organized, but it could be a way to help you minimize the waste in your household.