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Reuse CD's


Music has gone digital for the most part, and while you keep your favorite CD’s on hand, maybe you have a collection of old CD’s of which you’d like dispose.  You could donate them, try to sell them at a yard sale, or simply recycle them, but you could also use them for crafty ventures.

Cut old CD’s into small pieces and use them as mosaic on an old platter, planter, or birdbath.  You can use rainbow mirrored CD pieces as mosaic for just about any surface like an old mirror that needs a new frame, a jewelry box or gift box, or even Christmas ornaments.  Show off your favorite bands by using old CD’s as coasters, or glue magnets to the back and use them as creative refrigerator art.  Use bits of old CD to decorate almost any surface including shoes, handbags, hats, and jewelry.  Or use whole CD’s glued together to create a retro wall clock or funky sculpture.