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Outdoor Kitchens


  Your patio is the perfect spot for summer dining, but before you head out to buy a new grill think about what kind of outdoor kitchen might be right for you.

For small outdoor zones that multitask as a dining area and gardening work space, a moveable grill and a rolling cart with shelves may be the best and most affordable option.  For the family with more square footage and a little more cash to spend, a prefabricated, or all in one grill with counter space, refrigerator, and a la carte extras are a nice option.  And if you have a handyman in the family, then a built in outdoor kitchen with integrated appliances, in-ground utilities, elaborate lighting and a larger layout might be a good way to increase your outdoor living area and your home value.  No matter which option you choose, you’ll want to make sure you have the correct permits if applicable before you begin.