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Summer Water Savers


Summer can be one of the most wasteful seasons when it comes to water usage.  Whether you’re watering the lawn or your patio plants, be mindful of how much water you’re using and follow these simple tips to decrease the water waste.  When you’re planting or landscaping, choose plants that are native and are bred for hot southern summers, or choose plants that are drought friendly and don’t require much watering.  

Another good idea is to invest in Rainwater Harvesting Barrels.  These barrels are positioned under your gutter release pipe and collect rainwater that runs off your roof.  They usually have a spout at the bottom so that you can drain off the water and use it to keep your vegetables, potted plants, or window boxes from drying out.  You’ll be amazed at the amount of water you’ll save by simply collecting the water that Mother Nature gives us for free.