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Bird-watching is a growing hobby in the US.  According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, more than forty-eight million people are taking up the hobby.  It’s a fairly inexpensive recreation and increases your understanding and appreciation of the environment and the wildlife in your area.  Start your bird-watching hobby by making your backyard bird friendly.  

Avoid using pesticides and insecticides; keep dead trees and piles of wood- these are hiding places for bids and wildlife in the winter; and of course, utilizing bird feeders, birdbaths and nesting boxes encourage the avian population.  The best times of the year for bird-watching are during the migration seasons: mid-April to the end of May and late August to early October.  And the best time of day to see the birds is early morning between 6:30 and 10.  By mid-morning, birds are settling down for the day.  Binoculars and a good bird guide will help identify species in your area.