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Let it Go - Trash It


We talk a lot about ways to re-purpose and reuse items on Earth Sense, but there are times when you should just let it go!  Magazines and newspapers are great for lining trash cans and bird cages, but if you have a huge pile of them because you can’t seem to get around to reading the articles, or using the recipes, then it’s time to just let it go!  

Take photos or scan the recipes into a digital archive if you want, but keeping them around just adds up to piles of clutter.  Instruction manuals – here again, this information can usually be found online so keeping old manuals around is just unnecessary clutter.  Old clothes – use this rule: if you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it!  If it’s too stained and holy to donate, recycle it.  Sentimentality is not a good reason for keeping broken furniture, outdated electronics, or gifts that missed the mark – just let it go and enjoy the extra space!  Find more information on the Earth Sense podcast page at South Carolina Public Radio dot org.