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Mitigate Mosquitoes


Seems like mosquito season lasts forever!  But if you’re having problems with the little blood-suckers, search your property for any standing water that could be their breeding ground.  Birdbaths are great for inviting feathered visitors to your yard, but you should empty and refill that birdbath every day to prevent it from becoming a stagnant home for mosquitoes

Make sure your gutters are free from clogs that could invite mosquitoes and avoid leaving pet water bowls and planters that don’t drain well on your deck where mosquitoes can nest and annoy you.  You’ll want to fill in any wheel ruts or low lying areas in your yard where water gathers and keep your trash cans closed so they don’t collect water.  Keep in mind that a single female mosquito can lay up to 3,000 eggs in her lifetime, so don’t give her a comfortable place to stay!  Learn more on the Earth Sense podcast page at South Carolina Public Radio dot org.