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Trash Day Hacks


You’re doing your part to reduce waste, but trash day is just a fact of life.  Here are some everyday hacks to make trash day a little less annoying.  Don’t you just hate the struggle of getting a full trash bag out of the trash can?  Put an end to the tug of war by drilling a couple of holes in the bottom of the trash bin – this will reduce suction at the bottom making it easier to get that trash bag out.  

Binder clips can help keep the bag from slipping, and a great place to store extra bags is at the bottom of the bin – cleaning aficionados have been using that trick for years!  Old tissue boxes are great for corralling plastic bags waiting to be recycled.  And if you spend any time in your car, that old tissue box is just the right size to be used as a trash container to keep things neat and tidy.  Find more ideas on the Earth Sense podcast page at South Carolina Public Radio dot org.