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Carpool and Combine Trips to Save Gas


So, you know that you should observe speed limits and use your cruise control when possible to increase your fuel efficiency, but what other things can you do to help save money at the fuel pump?  One easy way to reduce emissions is to stagger your work hours to avoid peak rush hours or ask your employer if you can telecommute, or work from home.  It’s simple, the fewer cars on the road, the lower the emissions in our atmosphere! 

If you have set work hours, carpool with your coworkers.  By carpooling, you can save wear and tear on your car and cut your weekly fuel costs in half if you take turns driving with other commuters.  When running errands, plan your route and combine errands into one trip.  Several short trips taken from a cold start can use twice as much fuel as a longer multi-purpose trip covering the same distance with a warm engine.  A little planning can make a big difference!