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Natural Remedies for Bug Bites


The itch of insect bites can be unbearable, but there are many natural ways to help ease the itch.  You can use tea tree oil to take out the sting of that bug bite, or combine corn starch with water to create a paste that help ease the itch.  The pain of bee stings can be relieved with a fresh sliced lemon.  First, remove any piece of the stinger that remains and then cut a slice of lemon and place it over the bite.  

A washed clove of garlic rubbed of the affected area can take the sting out of painful ant bites and yellow mustard can be used to draw out the toxin and relieve the pain of a wasp sting.  These are all great home remedies for insect bites, but what should you do when you’re out in nature with no access to these items?  Rub mud into the bite to help cool the skin and relieve the itch.