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Salvaging Building Materials


When remodeling a space or even a whole house, the most eco-friendly route is to reuse and repurpose materials that may otherwise end up at the dump.  These pieces can enhance the new space and make brand new areas look right at home next to existing rooms.  This means that the demolition should be approached with a salvage mind-set.  You’ll want to check materials for any warping or cracking and set aside any pieces that can be reused.  

Be creative: old sub-floor can be used as wainscoting; old brick can be used in a new fireplace mantel; and even old doors can be repurposed and repositioned to create sliding pantry doors.  Any aged beams you find can be used to create decorative ceiling elements that will make any room look upscale.  Keep an open mind and a keen eye for decorative pieces that already exist like a great built in or mantel piece that can be refurbished.