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DIY Compost Bin


Are you hesitating to start a composting bin because you’re not quite sure how or even where to start your pile?  Here’s a quick and easy do it yourself solution: make your own bin with a large trash can. 

For this project you will need a large plastic trash can with a locking lid (or you can use bungee straps to secure a lid that does not lick into place), a drill, and a few bricks or concrete blocks to lift the bin off the ground.  All you’ll need to do is drill holes into the bottom and sides of the bin to provide circulation.  Place the bin on the bricks to prevent compost material from getting stagnant.  Then, once every two weeks, tip the trash can on its side and roll it around the yard to turn your compost.  It’s that simple!  You’ll want to keep your compost material moist, and it does help to cut up food scraps into smaller pieces so they’ll decompose faster.