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Repurpose Old Clothing


We all have that t-shirt that has been worn one too many times, or a pair of jeans that is on its last leg.  But before you throw out or give away your old clothes, think about repurposing them into items you can use.  With a few modifications, that old t-shirt could become a produce bag you can re-use and enjoy every time you go to the store.  And if you have a large pile of jeans that your family has outgrown or worn out, cut them into long strips and weave a new rug for the family room. 

This project is labor intensive, but the end result is a beautiful and sturdy conversation piece!  An old tie could be turned into a pouch for small items in your purse or a travel bag for your suitcase, and a sweater with worn sleeves could be re-imagined as a decorative pillow.  Don’t throw out those comfy flannel pajamas- turn them into a scarf for the winter!