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Reuse Old Linens


Sheets and bedding can be expensive, so if you’ve got some linens that have seen better days, don’t throw them out!  Your veterinary office may accept donations of sheets and towels for pets that have to stay overnight.  And pillow cases are great for re-purposing.

Cut a small slit in the closed end of a pillow case for a readymade garment bag.  With a few snips and stitches, an old pillow case can be turned into a reusable grocery bag.  And the best way to wash your child’s favorite stuffed animal and keep it fluffy is to stuff Mr. Bear into a pillow case before you throw him into the washing machine.  An embroidery hoop sewn into the open end turns a pillow case into a hanging laundry hamper and an old pillow case is the perfect cloth for cleaning a ceiling fan without scattering dust everywhere.