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Re-purpose that old Spice Rack!


If you’ve got an old wooden spice rack you’re not using anymore don’t pitch it out with the trash!  Save it and re-purpose it.  You could use that spice rack to hold paper craft items, acrylic paints, buttons, beads, glitter, yarn or thread in your craft corner.  Use it in the bathroom or by your vanity to hold perfumes, nail polishes, colognes, face wash or make-up.  

If you have a collection of plates or other hodgepodge, use your old spice rack and a little bit of wax to display your assortment.  If your spice rack was one long shelf, you could paint and hang it in a child’s room to create a book shelf.   Use it to display a collection of framed photos in the foyer.  Or use your spice rack as a keys, sunglasses, gloves, and scarves organizer by the entry-way.  The possibilities are endless!  What ideas can you think of to re-purpose old items?