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Reuse Milk Cartons


Most of us have juice and milk containers left over at the end of the week.  While recycling them is a good idea, think about ways to reuse them instead.  A cardboard milk carton could be cut down and used to create suet to feed the birds in your backyard.  Or cut the sides out of that cardboard juice jug and glue in rice paper to create luminaries.  

Or better yet, stop buying bags of ice and use your cartons to create large ice cubes for your cooler or backyard party.  Those plastics jugs have a lot of life left too.  Make use of the handle portion of the jug making an all-purpose scoop.  Or cut the plastic into long strips to create plant markers for your vegetable garden.  Use the bottom of a milk jug filled with potting soil to start your seeds or herbs.  Cut a slit into the jug to create a piggy bank and then go crazy decorating your vacation fund jug.