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Smoothies and Heart Health 4


We’ve been talking about smoothies this week and not only are these cold treats a great way to energize your day, but they’re packed with all the great fiber, antioxidants and nutrients you need to keep your body fit and improve your mood! Today’s recipe may be an unexpected combination, but this low calorie high fiber mixture is sure to please! 

Combine two cups of spinach, one cup of blackberries, half a cup of pineapple and half a cup of orange juice in your blender and puree until smooth.  Add a few cubes of ice if you prefer a colder mix.  And here’s an easy way to burn a few more calories wherever you go: park farther away.  Whether you’re at work, the grocery store, or even the gym, stop circling the lot for a closer space.  Park farther away and burn those extra calories!