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How to Build a Fire Pit


An outdoor fire pit is a great place to entertain, enjoy a cool night, and make s’mores.  There are some pre-fabricated fire pits on the market that are fairly affordable, but if you have the gumption, you can customize your own as a weekend project

You’ll want to check any building codes or open burning laws in your area before you get started.  And when selecting the location for your pit, avoid overhanging trees, the house, or any other flammable structures.  The fire pit should sit low to the ground and the optimum size is 36 to 44 inches inside diameter to allow a healthy fire, but still create a cozy atmosphere for entertaining.  You can use concrete or molded bricks and as an extra precaution, the fire pit should be lined with a thick steel ring like the ones used for park campfires. These protect the concrete in the blocks from the heat, which can cause them to dry out and break down prematurely.