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Kid Friendly Home Cleaners


As an expectant mother, or even a mom with young children, you should be careful of the cleaning products you use around the house!  And the best way to make sure products are safe is to make your own cleaners with items you may already have at home.  All you need are some spray bottles (preferably ones that you can reuse or repurpose), some baking soda, table salt, vinegar, olive oil, water and some lemons!  

You can make window cleaner from vinegar and water!  And toilet bowls will shine when you combine vinegar and lemon juice with a sprinkle of baking soda.  When it comes to that oven, the best way to keep it spotless is to clean as you go.  Sprinkle some table salt liberally over the hot spill before your oven cools down.  Once everything cools down grab a damp cloth and scrub up the mess.