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Laundry Savers 1


We’re all looking to save money and one place you may not have thought to cut corners yet is the laundry room.  These are a few things you could try to help save money on your laundry.

Start by only using the cold water cycle…did you know that 90 per cent of the energy used by the washer is for heating water.  Cold water works just as well.  Try to avoid clothes and materials that are labeled as dry clean only.  Not only is dry cleaning very chemical heavy, but the cost of dry cleaning can really add up over time.  Try not to wash as often.  Items you’ve only worn for a couple of hours are still clean and unless you’re very active, those jeans can be worn twice before washing.  If you’re not going to make your own detergent, then buy the store brand in bulk.  You’ll find it works just as well and is much cheaper!