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Your Refrigerator - An Eco-Friendly How To


It just stands in your kitchen quietly doing its job day in and day out.  You may not think about it much, but life certainly would be more difficult without your refrigerator!  Using your fridge seems like a no-brainer, but refrigerators and freezers require large amounts of energy to chill foods.  The manner in which you use yours can help reduce energy waste.  

Don’t put a hot dish into the fridge; let it cool off on the stove before storing it.  Make sure the door closes tightly- if the seal loosens, the cool air will escape, wasting energy.  Thawing frozen foods in the refrigerator will help cool the fridge as they thaw.  Set the temperature inside the refrigerator only as cold as you need it.  If items begin freezing in the fridge, your settings are too cold!  And if you’re thinking about replacing and older model, look for an Energy Star certified brand.