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Reuse your Christmas Tree


You’ve been enjoying that Christmas tree all month long, and while it’s sad to think about taking it down and packing away your decorations, start planning for how you’ll reuse that live Christmas tree.

There are a few places in the state that will take your live tree for use in fish and wildlife habitats, so that is an option.  But you can also use the needle of your tree in your yard as mulch.  Or cut off the boughs and lay them across your perennial flower beds to insulate them during the winter months.  Cut the tree trunk into two inch disks and use them as a natural border for flower beds or walkways.  You can cut thin slabs off the trunk of the tree, sand them smooth, and use them as coasters or trivets.  Strip small branches and use the remaining twig as a stake to support indoor plants or seedlings.  Or lay the tree in your back yard for birds to nest in.