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Woody Allen's Book Published Amid #MeToo Backlash

A little more than two weeks after Hachette Publishing droppedWoody Allen's memoir after intense backlash, the book has been released by another publisher.

Arcade Publishing released Apropos of Nothing on Monday in hardcover and e-book editions.

Arcade, which is an imprint of the independent publisher Skyhorse, released a statement from acquiring editor Jeanette Seaver, saying, "We as publishers prefer to give voice to a respected writer and filmmaker, rather than bow to the politically correct pressures of the modern world. While we respect Hachette's decision to choose not to publish Woody Allen's book, we choose not to take sides but rather, firmly believe in upholding the right to Freedom of Speech."

When Grand Central, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, originally announced plans to publish the book, employees walked out in protest. The walk-out followed criticism of the memoir from Allen's son, Ronan Farrow, and daughter, Dylan Farrow. Ronan Farrow is a journalist who wrote the bookCatch and Kill, also published by a Hachette imprint. His book is about sexual abuse by Harvey Weinstein, but it mentions Woody Allen as well. Dylan Farrow has for decades accused her father of sexually abusing her when she was a child. Allen has long denied the allegation.

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