Valerie Anderson

Music Librarian

Our Classical Music Librarian, Valerie Anderson, has been a long-time volunteer during radio membership campaigns and a long-time listener of South Carolina ETV Radio.  She loves classical music and attends the opera and symphony concerts on a regular basis.  Her musical enjoyment and background as an IT professional has prepared her for the daunting task of categorizing and digitizing the thousands of CDs and digital downloads in the Music Library.  When Valerie is not hard at work in the Music Library, she spends time flying to the SC Breakfast Club with her husband, Stoney Truett, a corporate pilot and flight instructor.  She also enjoys costuming and has played several characters such as Queen Elizabeth I, Norma Desmond, and several variants of Doctor Who.  And, if that’s not enough, she takes care of 40 cats at home and a feral cat colony in downtown Columbia. 

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