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Oak shothole leafminer


The oak shothole leafminer, Japanagromyza viridula, is a very small fly that emerges in early spring to feed on oak leaf buds and very young leaves. They feed by piercing the buds with their ovipositors (literally "egg placers") and lapping plant juice. As the buds break and new leaves expand, a tiny hole forms at the ovipostion injury site. The holes get bigger (up to 3/8 inch) as the leaves grow. - NC State Extension

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Rudy Mancke served as naturalist and co-host of South Carolina ETV's NatureScene, which began its long run in 1978. His field trips, broadcast nationwide, have earned him a legion of dedicated viewers. Rudy's knowledge of the complex inner-workings of different ecosystems and his great admiration for the natural world make him the perfect guide. In fact, the National Wildlife Federation and the Garden Club of America honored his commitment to resource conservation with special awards. Since retiring from SCETV, Rudy has gone on to teach at the University of South Carolina, Columbia.