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“G” is for Gantt, Love Rosa Hirschmann (1876-1935)

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“G” is for Gantt, Love Rosa Hirschmann (1876-1935). Physician. A native of Camden, Gantt attended the Medical College of South Carolina and in 1901 was one of the first two women to graduate from medical school in South Carolina. After doing postgraduate work in New York, she was appointed resident physician at Winthrop College, and became the first woman physician in Spartanburg. Specializing in eye, ear, nose and throat, Gantt maintained a busy practice for thirty-three years. She was a pioneer in public health, prevention of tuberculosis, medical inspection of schools, and social hygiene. Before establishment of the Spartanburg County Health Department, she created a miniature health service. Love Rosa Hirschmann Gantt was a widely published author of medical works and had numerous articles in the Southern Medical Journal that received wide recognition in her field.

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