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“K” is for Kilgo, James Patrick

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“K” is for Kilgo, James Patrick (1941-2002). Essayist, novelist. Kilgo grew up in Darlington. After graduating from Wofford, he received a Ph.D. in English from Tulane. Kilgo joined the English department at the University of Georgia, where he played a pivotal role in the development of the university’s creative writing program. He remained at Georgia until his retirement in 1999, when he devoted himself to full-time writing. Kilgo’s writing grew out of observations recorded in his private journals, from which developed his personal narrative style. His first book of essays, Deep Enough for Ivorybills cotained reflections on outdoor life and his hunting experiences. James Patrick Kilgo’s novel, Daughter of My People, a fictionalized retelling of a story retrieved from the hidden lore of his family, was a finalist for the Lillian Smith Award for fiction.

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