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“B” is for Barnwell, John (ca.1671-1724)

“B” is for Barnwell, John (ca.1671-1724). Soldier. A native of Ireland, Barnwell immigrated to South Carolina in 1701. He was appointed to a series of local offices, including that of deputy surveyor for the colony. As a surveyor he staked his claim to 6,500 acres around Port Royal Sound. In 1711, Barnwell led a South Carolina successful expedition against a Tuscarora Indian uprising in North Carolina. He returned a hero as “Tuscarora Jack.” After the Revolution of 1719, he represented the provisional government as its agent in London. There John Barnwell presented his plan to the Board of Trade for settlement and defense that called for a string of royal garrisons from the coast of Georgia to Tennessee—the “Barnwell Plan” evolved into the township system that provided for orderly settlement of the Carolina frontier.

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