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“J” is for Johns, Jasper (b. 1930)

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“J” is for Johns, Jasper (b. 1930). Artist. Johns was born in Augusta, Georgia, probably because its hospital was the closest one to Allendale, where his parents were living. After attending the University of South Carolina, he moved to New York. After serving in the army, he lived in Manhattan until the mid-1990s, with regular sojourns spent at Edisto Beach. In 1954 Johns destroyed all his previous work and began two of his signature series: the flag and the target. By 1960 he had established an international reputation. He is a pivotal figure of twentieth-century American art, occupying a critical position that mediates Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Minimalism. He is interested in art materials. Jasper Johns is proficient in a variety of media, including drawing and lithography, oil and encaustic painting, and collage and assemblage.

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