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“A” is for Ansel, Martin Frederick (1850-1945)

“A” is for Ansel, Martin Frederick (1850-1945). Governor. Ansel, the son of German immigrants, was born in Charleston. His family located to Walhalla where he grew up and read law. In 1876 he established a practice in Greenville. From 1882 to 1887 he represented Greenville in the S.C. House. In 1902 he made an unsuccessful bid for the governorship, but his showing indicated that he had supporters across the state. Ansell was elected governor in 1906. His first term was memorable for the abolishment of the controversial Dispensary system and the adoption of “local option” on liquor sales. During his second term he oversaw the creation of the South Carolina Office of Public Health and the State Department of Insurance. Martin Frederick Ansel remained an influential figure in state politics until his death in1945.

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