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“G” is for Girardeau, John LaFayette (1825-1898)

“G” is for Girardeau, John LaFayette (1825-1898). Clergyman, educator. Born on James Island, Girardeau graduated from the College of Charleston. He attended Columbia Theological Seminary and was ordained a Presbyterian clergyman. After serving several small congregations, he was called as pastor to the Anson Street Presbyterian Church in Charleston—a congregation organized for mission to enslaved persons. A powerful preacher who was at home with the Gullah dialect, he attracted large numbers of Black South Carolinians to the congregation. A new very large church building, Zion Presbyterian, was built. After the Civil War he was ousted as pastor by northern missionaries, but returned at the request of his former Black parishioners. However, Girardeau’s insistence on White leadership for the congregation led to his resignation. In 1875 John LaFayette Girardeau accepted a professorship at Columbia Theological Seminary.

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