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“H” is for Heyward, Duncan Clinch (1864-1943)

“H” is for Heyward, Duncan Clinch (1864-1943). Governor. An orphan at age seven, Heyward was reared by his grandparents in Colleton County. After attending Washington and Lee University, he earned his primary livelihood as a lowcountry rice planter. In 1902 Heyward was elected governor and was re-elected in 1904. Espousing a progressive agenda, he touted reforms to advance the “general welfare” of the state. Education was his top priority, and he was able to secure funding for rural schools and gradually extended the school term. Much of Heyward’s progressive agenda was frustrated by state legislators. Following the demise of rice culture in 1911, Heyward moved to Columbia and in 1913 was appointed collector of federal internal revenue taxes for South Carolina. In 1937, Duncan Clinch Heyward published Seed from Madagascar, a classic study of rice culture.

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