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“M” is for McLeod, Thomas Gordon (1868-1932)

“M” is for McLeod, Thomas Gordon (1868-1932). Governor. McLeod was born in Lynchburg, Sumter County (later Lee County). He graduated from Wofford College, read for the law, and established a practice in Bishopville. In 1900 voters in Sumter County elected him to the S.C. House of Representatives. Two years late he became the first state senator from newly created Lee County. He served as lieutenant-governor (1907-1911). In 922 he was elected governor and was re-elected in 1924. As governor, he signed the 6-0-1 Law, which guaranteed all children in South Carolina six months of schooling per year. His attempts to reform the state’s convoluted tax structure failed. He was, however, successful in convincing the General Assembly to appropriate funds to expand the state’s road system. During his second term Thomas Gordon McLeod called for the reorganization of state agencies to improve government efficiency.

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