"A" is for Abbeville County

Feb 15, 2021

Credit SC Public Radio

"A" is for Abbeville County (508 square miles; 2010 population 25,328). Abbeville County was one of the six counties created in 1785 out of Ninety Six District. Its border to the north was the pre-Revolutionary War Indian boundary line. The Savannah and Saluda Rivers marked its eastern and western boundaries. Abbeville lost much of its area to Greenwood County in 1897 and gave up further territory in 1916 to McCormick County. Beginning in the 1760s, settlers from Virginia established farms in the area known as the Long Canes. Short staple cotton in the 1790s brought slavery to the county and hastened the westward migration of small farmers. During the twentieth century Abbeville County’s agriculture experienced a transition from cotton to cattle, and its dependence on textiles gave way to a more diversified industry and small businesses.