About Our Coronavirus Coverage

Apr 6, 2020

Here at South Carolina Public Radio and SCETV, we believe accurate, factual, and timely information can save lives in these uncertain times. That's why we are committed to bringing you a wide range of perspectives to help you understand the scope and scale of this pandemic.

As an NPR member station, we rely on their reporters to cover national and global updates during the top-of-the-hour newscasts we carry almost every hour, every day of the week. You'll also get context and analysis during national programs like Morning Edition, The Takeaway, Here and Now, The World, All Things Considered, and more.

South Carolina Public Radio and SCETV reporters and contributors take their roles seriously to also bring you voices from the Palmetto State. This means making sure you have access to information from the governor's office, state officials, schools, universities, and county governments around the state. You'll hear statewide updates in our local newscasts during Morning Edition and All Things Considered in addition to feature-length stories spotlighting how South Carolinians are coping, working, and innovating during this time. We've expanded our podcast South Carolina Lede to bring you the latest developments concerning coronavirus in the state, as well as give you an opportunity to share your stories and offer you a lighthearted way to wind down after busy news days. AndĀ South Carolina Business Review and Health Focus have shifted their coverage to bring you timely information and interviews with business and medical leaders, respectively, during this pandemic. You can find all of our content here on SouthCarolinaPublicRadio.org and at SCETV.org/coronavirus.

Our reporters are taking the necessary health precautions when they talk to sources, including conducting interviews by phone. Many of them, as well as most of the other members of our staff, are currently working from home for the safety of everyone involved.

We are also dedicated to bringing you the music, entertainment, and culture programs you expect from South Carolina Public Radio as a reprieve from the news of the day. As part of that, our locally-produced music shows likeĀ Sonatas and Soundscapes and Roots Musik Karamu will continue to air new episodes on our News & Music stations for the time being. And Walter Edgar's Journal will continue to bring you thought-provoking discussions on South Carolina history and culture each Friday on all of our stations (plus an encore airing Sundays on our News & Talk stations).

Finally, a word on daily updates from our political leaders. Gov. Henry McMaster is currently holding press briefings several times a week, which we will carry live and in their entirety on all South Carolina Public Radio and SCETV platforms. However, we do not plan to interrupt our programming to air daily briefings from the White House for the time being. This is due to these briefings often occurring at the same time as the ones from Gov. McMaster, as well as the fact that NPR is currently only offering unanchored audio feeds of the briefings, which puts more work on our limited local staff. To ensure you have access to these White House updates, we will offer them live and uninterrupted here on SouthCarolinaPublicRadio.org.

South Carolina Public Radio appreciates your listenership, understanding, and support during this pandemic. We are all in this together.