"B" is for Baha'is

Nov 5, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"B" is for Baha'is. The Baha'i is one of the world's youngest religions. The religion was founded in the nineteenth century. The name "Baha'i" is derived from "baha" ("glory and splendo"”) and is the designation of the adherents of the faith. Some of the religion's principles are the oneness of humankind, the common foundation of all religions, religion and science as integral parts of truth, the equality of men and women, and the elimination of prejudices of all kinds.  Louis S. Gregory, a native Charlestonian and graduate of Howard University Law School became a confirmed believer in 1909 and made his first teaching trip back to Charleston and other Southern cities in 1910. There are more than 18,000 Baha'is in South Carolina-- one of the largest concentrations of the faith in the United States.