Border Collies Exhibit Herding Prowess on the Farm and at the Fair

Oct 12, 2017

Bill Coburn and one of his border collies, Lucy.
Credit Laura Hunsberger

At Windy Knolls Farm in Laurens County, Bill Coburn raises ducks and sheep. He’s retired from farming, but he still spends time on one of his favorite occupations: training border collies. The shaggy mid-sized dogs have a natural instinct to herd animals, and Coburn says he’s been working with them for nearly 30 years. He still shows his border collies regularly at demonstrations throughout the southeast, and at the State Fair, he will show the dogs in action for a few select afternoons. South Carolina Public Radio's Laura Hunsberger has the story for this South Carolina Focus.

Bill Coburn and his border collies will be at the state fair on October 18 and 19.

Bill Coburn presenting his Border Collie Demonstration at the South Carolina State Fair in 2016.
Credit Laura Hunsberger