"C" is for Cain, Daniel James Cahusac (1817-1888)

Oct 5, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"C" is for Cain, Daniel James Cahusac (1817-1888). Physician, medical editor. Cain studied medicine at the Medical College of South Carolina. Like many other antebellum American physicians he went to Paris to continue his medical education. For four years he was a an assistant to some of the leading figures in French clinical medicine. Returning home, he established a lucrative private practice in Charleston . Between 1846 and 1860 Cain contributed numerous articles to the Charleston Medical Journal and Review---and was for a number of years the journal’s co-editor. Among his publications was a study of Charleston’s 1854 yellow fever epidemic. In 1861 he was president of the Medical Society of South Carolina. Following the Civil War, Daniel James Cahusac Cain continued his practice as one of Charleston’s most popular physicians.