Chamber Music Series' First Trombonist Changing Common Perceptions of his Instrument

Jun 4, 2018

With string quartets, piano trios, and woodwind quintets often receiving the spotlight, the trombone is seldom a contender for pride of place among instruments featured in chamber music programs. If included at all, it’s often sharing the stage with four other instruments as part of a brass quintet.

But for this year’s Spoleto Festival USA Chamber Music Series, the trombone is representing the brass family all by itself.

U.K. trombonist Peter Moore, the youngest-ever recipient of the BBC Young Musician Award at age twelve in 2008, is bringing the sounds of his instrument to the Dock Street Theatre in Charleston for the remainder of the series’ twice-daily concerts.

Peter hopes his performing will work to change perceptions about the trombone.

“It’s my absolute ideal that people walk out of the hall and think: ‘Oh, I didn’t know that the trombone could do that. I didn’t know it could sound like that.’”

Peter is performing a variety of works for the series, including an arrangement of Robert Schumann’s Fantasiestücke, the world premiere of Doug Balliett’s Fanfare for Trombone, Double Bass, and Bass Clarinet, and Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever?”.

In this interview that aired Monday, June 4th, SCPR’s Bradley Fuller speaks with Peter about his musical beginnings, involvement in this year’s Spoleto Festival Chamber Music Series, and future plans.