Change in S.C. Constitution Affects the Lt. Governor and the State Senate

Feb 1, 2019

S.C. Senate President Harvey Peeler, R-Cherokee (L).
Credit Russ McKinney/SC Public Radio

When sworn in as the state’s new Lieutenant Governor last month Pamela Evette made history. She  became the first Lieutenant Governor elected as a Governor’s running mat instead of running for the office independently of the Governor.

The primary duty of the Lieutenant Governor is to step-up to the Governor’s Office if necessary as Henry McMaster did when Gov. Nikki Haley resigned the office in 2017.

Instead of being an elected state official the Lieutenant Governor is in essence now a member of the Governor’s staff.

But where the recent change to the state’s Constitution will be felt most, will be in the tradition bound State Senate where for over a hundred years the Lieutenant Governor has been the presiding officer.