Clemson University's 2017 Solar Eclipse Website

Mar 28, 2017

Credit NASA Image and Video Gallery

It’s been in the news quite a bit already this year, and South Carolina is already gearing up for an influx of tourists on August 21st.  It’s on that day the moon will completely block the sun and daytime will become a deep twilight.  Many observers who have witnessed a total solar eclipse have described it as emotionally powerful and usually, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Even though much of the country will be able to witness portions of the eclipse, the total eclipse will only be visible on a narrow track stretching from Oregon to South Carolina.  So as you can imagine, eclipse viewing events are in the works across the state and Clemson University will launch a website on April 3 so that residents interested in seeing the total eclipse can find Clemson’s eclipse viewing schedule of events, stories and updates about the eclipse, and instructions on how to safely view the eclipse by wearing solar glasses.