Creating the Market for Peanuts

Oct 30, 2020

When the tremendous benefits of George Washington Carver’s regime of rotating cotton with peanuts resulted in huge numbers of peanuts being grown, it created a dilemma. There wasn’t much demand for peanuts – we weren’t making peanut butter sandwiches or roasting peanuts or using them for candies. But Carter developed mind-boggling uses for this plant.  Paint pigments, different types of paper, sweeping compound, and charcoal were some of the items made from the shells or vines of peanuts. Peanut butter, oil, hand cream, face cream, soap and axle grease were made from the peanuts themselves. Also, Dr. Carver was way ahead of the fad for almond milk – he made a milk substitute from peanuts that can still be made for those who can’t tolerate lactose – so you can enjoy a glass of milk with your pb&j sandwich.