Doug Wamble on Piano Jazz

Feb 20, 2017

Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Doug Wamble grew up listening to the Southern gospel, country, and blues traditions of his Tennessee home. Once he developed his love for jazz, Wamble began to soak up the sounds of jazz masters like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Ornette Coleman. Along the way he discovered his off-the-cuff singing was a hit with fans and critics alike. In this 2005 Piano Jazz session, Wamble and McPartland span the jazz genre, from “St. Louis Blues” to Charlie Parker’s “Naima.”

News Stations: Sat, Feb 18, 8 pm | Classical Station: Sun, Feb 19, 7 pm

Note: We previously listed this episode as scheduled for our News Stations on Sat, Feb 25, 8 pm and for our Classical Stations on Sun, Feb 26, 7 pm. We regret the error.