"H" is for Hagler (d. 1763)

Mar 10, 2020

Credit SC Public Radio

"H" is for Hagler (d. 1763). Catawba chief. King Hagler is the best known of the Catawba chieftains. He rose to power in the 1750s. In 1751 he was a member of a peace delegation assembled by Governor James Glen to negotiate peace with the tribe’s long-time enemies, the Iroquois of New York. Under King Hagler, the Catawbas supported the British during the French and Indian War by sending soldiers to Virginia to fight with Colonel George Washington. In 1760, he negotiated the Treaty of Pine Tree Hill that provided for a fifteen square miles (144,000 acres) Catawba reservation on the border between North and South Carolina. The Treaty of Augusta later confirmed the Catawba reservation. In August 1763, Hagler was ambushed by Shawnee raiders who shot him six times and then scalped him.