Hearts Mend Hearts

Jun 13, 2016

A mandala drawn by a participant in the Hearts Mend Hearts art therapy workshops that took place at the Charleston County Library.
Credit heartsmendhearts.com

  Dianne Tennyson-Vincent, along with Laura De La Maza, began the art therapy organization called Hearts Mend Hearts.  Both women have a background in therapy, art and teaching.  The organization began after the killings last June at Mother Emmanuel AME Church  of nine parishioners. 

De La Maza and Tennyson-Vincent felt that the city of Charleston was in desperate need of healing and understanding that could be fostered, in part, by art therapy.  Hearts Mend Hearts provided an outlet in the form of art therapy.  They held art the sessions at the Charleston County Public Library in hopes of providing a safe place for people to connect to one another and open up about the tragic events.

Jeanette Guinn talks with Dianne Tennyson-Vincent about Hearts Mend Hearts, art therapy, and the work of the group in the months after the shootings.